Derrick Corporation


Derrick Corporation is considered the world leader in the design and manufacture of wet or dry fine screening equipment and screen surface technology used to screen a wide variety of materials in the range of 3/8 inch to 400 mesh (10 mm to 38 microns).

The Derrick HI G Dryer with the 4 inch hydrocyclones are mounted on a radial design manifold, which is fed the wash plant discharge under a consistent pressure of 35 to 37 psi. The centrifugal separation extracts the ultra fine sands and silts discharging them out the underflow. The fines are leaving the hydrocyclone at approximately 55 to 60% solids where they are fed to our high G-force dewatering screen. The Derrick HI-G Dryer dewatering unit is outfitted with two 2.5 hp electromechanical vibrators that operate at 1,750 rpm with a stroke length of 0.19 inches. The combination of stroke length and rotation speed create 7.3 G’s of acceleration on the screen surface, resulting in efficient separation of water from the fine solids. The dewatered fine solids are then discharged from the screening machine at 75 to 80% solids.

Quality, innovation and reliability are our pledge today and for the future.





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